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And then the food started coming and I was in heaven surrounded by such beautifully presented food.

Visiting Abigail’s Tea House in St. George, Ontario, for the first time was quite emotional for me as this destination had been on my list for awhile. Lorene and Ivan’s love and passion hit me straight away as I entered the front door, but I instantly felt at home. I had to take a minute to soak it all in and remind myself to breath in order to become grounded.

It was quite busy and even though I didn’t have reservations, Ivan was able to set me up in one of their 11 tables in a perfect window spot looking out into the tea room. I knew right away I wanted the high tea. But when it came to choosing the tea, I believe he said they have 70 loose-leaf teas to choose from (which you can also purchase to take home). I explained what types of tea I enjoy and he was eager to recommended “Sunny day tea” which is a “Lemon Rooibos tea.” Of course it turned out to be a lovely choice.

And then the food started coming and I was in heaven surrounded by such beautifully presented food. Lorene, with all her friendliness and enthusiasm, explained each item as she brought them out.

Item #1 - Pimento cheese with crackers. The best part for me was the ginger snap paired with the cheese, I loved the sweet/savory/spicy combo.

Item #2 - Chicken Waldorf salad with dried apple. Delish: fresh and cooling.

Item #3 - Tiered tray: which included...

  • Smoked salmon mouse (my favorite as I left a bite of this for the end so that it would be the last lingering flavour)
  • Egg salad (loved this too)
  • Roast beef, Ham and cheese (yummy)
  • Fairy rolls. (Omg. Chocolate cream cheese roll with raspberry mouse cream cheese! Amazing)

I had a scone with cream and jam (perfection, the perfect amount of clotted cream as sometimes I find you aren’t given enough, but I was very happy with this portion) and an empire cookie, Brownie, Butter tart (now, this is the perfect dessert combination having a cookie, and pastry and chocolate! And they were all fabulous, but I’m a sucker for a good brownie so that was my favourite.) I also just have to note that this was the best sized pot of tea ever. It lasted me through all 5 courses.

Once I finished, Lorene offered to give me more hot water for my tea, but when I said I was much too full, my heart melted when she offered to put it in a to go cup for me!

Through the entire tea service I was a giddy child, a spoiled one at that… yes high tea here brought out the kid in me. And by the end of my visit the entire experience really did exceed my expectations. For me, presentation is everything and they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head. From my personal afternoon tea experience, Lorene and Ivan do everything perfectly, going over and above in my every category from the quaint decor, to the perfect tea pot size, beautiful tea cups and tea-ware, to the fabulous quality and selection of tea, amazing delicious food, and to the outstanding customer service with a personal touch. I’m already craving another visit.

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