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A Quick Lunch at The Henley Brook, Swan Valley
A Quick Lunch at The Henley Brook, Swan Valley
The Henley Brook

City: Perth
Country: Australia
Meal:: Lunch
Written By: Martin Eade

The Henley Brook – also known as The Hen, which I’ll use from here to save on syllables – is a new tavern & bistro located on West Swan Road in the Swan Valley.

It’s less than 15 minutes from home (Ellenbrook) for us, and is just about the closest thing outside of the town center for those who live in the area. It’s also well located for those visiting the many great destinations and attractions in the Swan Valley.

We arrived at 11:30am on a Saturday for an early lunch and were surprised to find that almost every table was reserved, even the ones outside on that rather cold day. We were only after a quick lunch so were given a table reserved for a later group.

Thankfully the fire was going, and it was nice and warm inside.

The menu on The Hen’s website doesn’t do it justice, and it’s the main reason we hadn’t visited earlier. The actual menu, has a good variety of reasonably-priced dishes, and there should be something to please everyone.

We decided to order two dishes from the “Small Plates” menu, and I had to try the “Fundido”. Accurately described as a “pot of bubbling melted cheese, beer & spicy chorizo” this was cheesy, greasy, difficult to eat but damn it was good! Hands off, get your own.

This dish really needs to be served with a pair of scissors to make it easy to eat, but that would take a lot of the fun away. You’ll know from the picture whether this is your kind of thing.

Slightly more boring but still tasty was the “mini dogs” – Bratwurst sausage, mustard, sauerkraut and fried onion rings. No complaints here. As you would expect from a tavern the drink selection is substantial, and mulled wine was being created at the bar when we were there. There’s plenty of Swan Valley produce represented, and I enjoyed a drop from local cidery.

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