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I was invited to attend a special event at the Merrywell

For six weeks (23 February to 09 April 2017), Crown Perth’s pub The Merrywell has been transformed into the Jack Daniel’s Barrel House to provide Perth with a little taste of Tennessee.

On the launch night – conveniently also my birthday – I was invited to attend a special event at the Merrywell to sample some of the fantastic food available during the promotion, paired with different varieties of Jack Daniel’s.

The Merrywell’s head chef Ryan Ebbs introduced each course, explaining that whiskey pairing is not limited to a certain cuisine but is more about the balance of flavours in a dish.

“Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey in particular pairs well with Southern American food such as slow cooked meats due to its strong, bold flavours and the spice elements in the whiskey,” he said.

While everything we sampled at the event was delicious, the baked beans were the highlight and I could eat them all day with just about anything. I’m also a sucker for cornbread, and this one didn’t disappoint with its citrus-y twist. Oh, and that BBQ sauce is fantastic too.

Jack Daniel’s National Advocacy and Development Manager Grant Shearon was on hand to tell us all about the history of Jack Daniel’s, and guided us through the tasting process.

He explained that high quality whiskey is regarded as such a well-balanced spirit that it both compliments and contrasts flavours, depending on how it’s paired.

“Our palate is affected by what we combine, therefore it is essential to remember that the five key sources of whiskey flavour – grain, sweet aromatics, spice, wood and fruit/floral matched with the right ingredients provide an almost endless combination of flavour of both food and whiskey,” said Grant.

I’ll be heading back soon to try the donut “sandwich” (and more of those beans!)

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