Palace Hotel - Glyfada Athens, Greece Reviews

Palace Hotel: A rich, hearty breakfast!
Palace Hotel: A rich, hearty breakfast!
Palace Hotel

City: Athens
Country: Greece
Meal:: Breakfast
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Waking up in the morning after a long-sleeping  I looked for  the breakfast room to start my day! The buffet was full, with a big variety! Boiled and fried eggs, omelet, fresh bread, a variety of cheeses and sausages, croissants, cakes, butter, jams and ryzogalo (a greek desert made with milk, rice and sugar), were some of what I tasted and everything was great! My breakfast was accompanied by a hot, strong filter coffee  that woke up my body and gave me the energy to start working! It was a rich and carefully prepared breakfast, which I really liked! The breakfast and  the service  from the hotel staff will be the most important reasons I will stay in the same hotel when I visit again Athens!

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