The Elysium - Istanbul, Turkey Reviews

The Elysium Istanbul: Breakfast with taste!
The Elysium Istanbul: Breakfast with taste!
The Elysium

City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Meal:: Breakfast
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The hotel serves breakfast in a large and comfortable place. I had my breakfast there and I really enjoyed it. The variety of the buffet was very good. A variety of soups, pies, omelets, cheeses and ham, fresh bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, and much more were offered. Only  filter coffee was available but it was tasty and strong enough for the beginning of the new day. For those who love tea, which is very popular in Turkey, they serve it with the breakfast , and many people prefer it instead of coffee.

In general, The Elysium Istanbul Hotel serves a very hearty  breakfast, which is delicious, with local recipes and with a good variety! You have to try it, at first chance!

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